The BIG announcement, finally a place to call home . . .

Welcome to my dream!

After much success in 2016, I admit, I still felt like the universe was nudging and whispering, trying to get me to push past my fear and make more out of this life I have. The universe and I are tight, so I try to listen when it’s trying to tell me something. 

And then the universe went from whispering to SCREAMING at me. 

So here I am . . .

Rather than buckling up for safety and risk living with a stomach full of regret, I decided now is going to be my time (cue the Katy Perry music, right?).

So this is the part where I FINALLY get say how incredibly excited I am to announce the opening of Julia Altork Studios in the vibrant art district of the Village of West Greenville! 

Having my own photography studio has been in my inspiration bank for a long time; so when I think about this little studio space of mine, I sort of float. It fills me with such big, big satisfaction and so much gratitude. I am so thankful to my trusting family, some of the finest human beings I’ll ever know. And for my husband, Rob, who always encourages me to be whole, for believing in me, encouraging me to pursue my passions and for genuinely being excited watching me try to become more and more who I want to be. I am grateful beyond measure.

Finally, to my devoted clients: I am eternally grateful for this journey you sent me on. Stay with me, friends, I think I'm on a roll here . . .

What's coming is better than what is gone.




Welcome to the first days of my new website and blog, The Peacock Post . . . .

I hope to share some great content with you here.

My intent is to bring you a lot of beautiful photos, some insight into inspiration, important announcements, behind-the-scenes & interesting articles. But most importantly, I hope to inspire you to want to get in front of my camera, too.